SubTorrent is a backwards-compatible extension to BitTorrent, which allows for automatic updating of downloading torrents. This then allows for torrents to be viewed more as a subscription than as a single download.

This project contains modifications to the BitTorrent source code available at These modifications add functionality to the BitTorrent client and tracker, allowing the tracker to communicate to the client that the torrent they are downloading has been updated. This allows for updates in the cases where errors have been made in posting the original torrent. However, the most interesting feature of this modification, is that it allows for BitTorrent content distribution by subscription, rather than individual downloads. This encourages people to keep their torrents open (and uploading) for long periods, so that they can receive new files as they are released without delays. The constant uploading relieves the bandwidth requirements of content distributors, and makes it easier for independent people, such as podcasters, to support large audiences.

The intention is to develop this project to an alpha or beta status, to prove that the concept works and is efficient. At that point, it will hopefully be merged into the main BitTorrent project, so that it can then propagate to other clients as well and have the widest possible effect.

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The latest revision of SubTorrent is available via SVN without a password:

svn export subtorrent


SubTorrent is developed by Cameron Dale.

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